watch out!Danger of illegal people lodging!

Continuous topic “illegal people’s night” Also frequently seen near apartments and elevators “STOP!
They areNational Strategy Special Area Foreign Residence FacilitiesYa
Simple residence applicationIt is the current situation that it is not being done and is illegally operated.
We provide safe security for guests by lawful people, not illegitimate guests!

Safety of legal residence

  • Since we have obtained permission for all the property, there are not a paperboard, neighborhood trouble etc.
  • Since our company operates according to the ryokan business law, building standards law, fire service law, insurance is applied even if there are any troubles in case of emergency.
  • Our company will correspond with insurance company, management company, staff when fire, theft, water leakage, trouble in the property occurs.
  • We can guarantee even if guests are injured or in case of emergency as the municipal insurance can be applied.
  • Since our company operates as a travel industry, there is a full-time operator, so when reserving, the response at inquiry is smooth! (Multilingual correspondence is possible)
  • We are also doing the obligation to inform neighbors, so we can stay with confidence without trouble.


Room type proposed by our company (legal nights)

Mansion type

From land to design to construction, all Hand Growing Inc. from loan to completion. Guest house can stay for a long time as it is a completely new guest house. You can also help with attracting customers by using applications and actions from hosts.



House type

Renovate a detached house or a flat shop and dedicate it to a guest house! Guests are able to use one vacant lending room or vacant room and use it depending on the host! From handling to loan hand glowing is responsible and we will make estimates from advice


Town house type

Kyomachiya reproduced the tasteful cityscape of Kyoto. There is a luxurious feeling of lodging in one building, about 50 m2~ 1000 m2We promise a fully private space that does not fit face with other customers in the size of. We will offer sizes and areas to suit customers from 4 people to 10 people.