Typhoon No. 21 on September 4

Recently I am busy and I do not have much time, but are you okay?

It is a picture of the damage of Typhoon No. 21 attacking Kinki six days ago.

I thought that I would like to thank the people who built it that the wind was stronger than the rain and my house was not blown off well.

Matsuya’s lunch

Today I ate Matsuya’s “New item Chicken Tomato Curry”.

The taste was a bit sour and sour, rather than Spicy.

It was very tasty.

Night view of Togetsukyo

Togetsu Bridge length is 155 m, the width is 11 m, the road is two lanes, and there is a sidewalk which is one step higher on both sides.

For sightseeing pamphlets and the like, photographs in which this bridge is reflected are frequently used, and in addition to being frequently used in filming movies and TV dramas, it is also a building symbolizing Arashiyama as a sightseeing spot.

Night view was also pretty beautiful.