HG Cozy Hotel No.7(E)

●Building name

HG Cozy Hotel No.7


●Street address

2-27-1, Omine Motomachi, Hirakata-shi, Osaka, 573-0146, Japan


25 minutes on foot from “Fujisaka Station” of “Gakkentoshi Line (Katamachi Line)”.

Key points: It is close to “Hirakata park” of the popular amusement park.

(The appearance of the picture may vary slightly depending on the room.)

●Maximum number of people in one room

10 people


Regular price 13000 yen~

(Discount available)

●Calculation of “one person price”

“Maximum number of guests” is set in each room.

The payment amount will be the amount equally divided by “the price of the room” by “the number of guests of the guest”.

Example (“Price of one room 4 people” 8900 / “Number of guests” 3 people = “Fee per person” 2967)


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